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It is true that gold has been very advantageous to Cameroon. This includes many infrastructural developments. The cities where gold is mined are having tarred roads, strong electricity generated, clean water, proper housing and so on. This all contributes to the development of Cameroon as a country.

As it has previously been mentioned how gold has benefited this country economically, money has been the most important product of gold. Just imagine how the country would be without enough money. The money and richness that is all over Cameroon are majorly attributed to by the enormous gold deposits the country is blessed with. This has even benefited other countries. Many citizens are moving from their countries to Cameroon to try and find better lives. This is because Cameroon is one of the highest producers of gold in Africa.

Beauty, decorations, shining and other uses are some of the things that emphasize gold significance. Gold has played another big role in the making of jewellery. Rings, necklaces, bangles and so on are some good examples of jewellery. People are showing their beauty just because of gold. This jewellery is also sold to improve Cameroon's economy. There are other important uses of gold. These include electrical appliances, orientation, wires and so forth. There is absolutely a lot to say about how great gold is in Cameroon.


Buying Assistance

There is an everlasting scramble for gold and diamond of African origin, especially West and Central Africa, by buyers from surrounding continents primarily because of the lower cost and less paperwork. However, these buyers usually have a tough experience buying gold because of the process involved. We provide you with assistance on how to get the gold safely delivered to you.

After-sale Services

Our carefully crafted and well established marketing system is so straightforward that makes purchasing gold from us an easy, stress-free and fast process with zero chance delays or other common disappointments and inconveniences related to the purchase of high profile products like gold and other precious stones. We're always ready to help you get introduced to our network of buyers to make sure you sell your gold and make profit. If you are a beginner.

CEMAC Buyer’s Permit

We are ready to give you all the help you need so that purchasing gold from Africa becomes an exciting experience and not just another boring and stressful business venture. We also explained that you will certainly benefit much from the one-on-one professional assistance we provide.




The last of the three main factors are diamond clarity. This includes both internal inclusions and external blemished on the diamond, anything from crystals, knots, clouds, feathers, milky spots or tiny specks present in the diamond. In the industry, we informally refer to these spots as the diamond’s birthmarks, and they are part of the formation process when nature creates diamonds. But some diamonds have much more inclusions than others, and a lucky few are even free of any type of inclusions or blemishes. Similar to diamond color, diamond clarity is graded on a spectrum that ranges from flawless to having slight inclusions:

FL-Flawless:IF-Internally Flawless:

VVS1, VVS2 – Very Very Slight Inclusions:

VS1, VS2 – Very Slight Inclusions:

SI1, SI2 – Slight Inclusions:

I1, I2, I3 – Inclusions:

Shows no inclusions or blemishes of any sort under 10 x magnificationsNo inclusions when examined by an experienced grader, but will have some minor blemishes

Contains minute inclusions that are difficult even for experienced graders to see under 10x magnification

Contains minute inclusions such as crystals, clouds or feathers when observed with effort under 10x magnification

Contains inclusions such as cavities, knots clouds, feathers and included crystals which are noticeable to an experienced grader

Contains inclusions such as large feathers or large included crystals, which are obvious under a 10x magnification,